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  Many hosting companies are connected to 1.54mbps T1 backbones, however we at HostOnFiber are directly connected to a 10mbps Fiber Optic backbone! What this means to our customers is that their pages load faster, their uploads go quicker, and visitors to their sites are impressed. Being connected to one of the largest telecommunications providers in the country gives our network a reliability that goes along with its quickness. These two elements give us a superior edge over the competition.

Why host your data-sensitive site on a T1 connection, when you can HostOnFiber?

  At HostOnFiber, rather than offering several packages with little scalability or practicality, we offer an unmetered hosting package. We understand that hosting customers do not want to be weighed down with restrictions on how large their site can be, or restrictions on how many hits they can take. Rather than punishing customers who successfully receive more visitors, we encourage growth with our Shared Hosting Package. So go ahead and grow your website.

No matter how much traffic or space your HTML-based site uses, we will be able to accommodate your needs.

  In order to establish an online presence it often takes the use of many server side tools. Our shared hosting package includes all the features that are necessary for even the most advanced users. To see a list of all the features which we provide, check out the Total Features page.

  Hosting customers need to be able to administrate and configure their accounts. Keeping this in mind, we created a visually appealing, user-friendly client area to suite the needs of our customers. Using the client area, our customers can easily manage email accounts, add subdomains, and create databases. Additionally our client area includes a statistics section, which displays statistics to help you see who your visitors are, and where they are coming from. On top of that, we created a hotmail type webmail to make e-mail easier. To get a glimpse of our client area, take the tour.

  Security and stability have become increasingly more important for all individuals on the internet. Realizing this, the HostOnFiber network was built with security and stability in mind. Starting with the operating systems, we run various flavors of Unix which have reputations of being stable and secure. Furthermore, our servers are equiped with security enhanced programs such as: Qmail, Vmailmgr, Djbdns, Pure Ftp, Mysql, and Apache.

Knowing that uptime is important, we have engineers maintaining our network around the clock to make sure that web content gets delivered successfully.

only $14.95/month!